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21 November 2017
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  • Information overloadConsultant John Bowen discusses how to make our lives easier when dealing with lots of data
  • FM it's no accidentPhoenix Lavin, design and construction interface manager at Programmed FM, in New Zealand, discusses how FM is set to be the ultimate champion of disruptive innovation
  • You scratch my back...Nick Fox, head of estates operations at Serco, discusses how much we rely on subcontractors, and vice versa

fm poll

How should HR and FM work together?

FM and HR aspire to a similar goal. Both are required to meet the aims of the organisations they serve,  and opportunities for crossover and common cause between the two departments seem countless.

The idea of a ‘chief workplace officer’ is suggested in The Stoddart Review’s The Workplace Advantage report. How does this connect HR and FM?

How should the relationship between these two great ‘departments of empowerment’ develop from here? 

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  • It's good to talkIt's a message that holds true for every business but while the technologies we use change constantly, the principles of structured communication remains paramount. Adam...


  • Brand ambassadorsFirst impressions count, but there's also a need to sustain an organisation's brand identity across departments and in front of end-user customers. FM can perform well in this role and even better when collaborating with other departments.
  • Brace of impactFM's ability to positively influence organisational performance, the environment, and the experience of customers and employees is no mystery within the sector itself, this year's winners demonstrate the power of FM's
  • Image projectionOrganisations can spend big to create a great brand identity but often it's the FM team best placed to ensure that a painstakingly developed image is what customers actually experience. Attention to detail is key, says Nick Martindale
  • Factory ResetFM service providers in manufacturing operations have to deliver in as much a 'just in time' a fashion as the lean manufacturing process itself if they're to best fit clients' constantly changing needs