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23 October 2014
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FM World News

  • An international standard for facilities management has been given the go-ahead by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).
  • Maintenance stock
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  • If your behaviour is right, you don't need rules
    At work we are all adults and most of us are content to behave responsibly when not beset by petty bureaucracy, blogs John Bowen. 13 October 2014
  • Musings on crisis management and the Ebola virus in America
    I have been following the Ebola issue rather closely, or should I say it has been following me because here in America you can't escape coverage of it, blogs John Bowen. 20 October 2014
  • Future planning
    Richard Branson's 'unlimited holidays' add to the soup of influencing factors making the planning of future office requirements ever trickier, writes Martin Read. 08 October 2014
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245 Place performance

245 Place performance
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ISS Sunborn
  • On the waterfrontHandy for ExCeL and The O2, London's superyacht hotel feels more like a retired cruise ship than an adventure playground for the super-rich.
  • Military precisionEx-service personnel have already learned how to 'be the best'. They can give and take instructions and have the logistical nous to take over in a crisis all of which should feature in the CV of a good FM, says Kevin Stanley.
  • On the edgeWe all know that jobs in FM vary considerably but then there are jobs like Richard Petrie's, whose role with BT Facilities Services takes him to the extremities of the British Isles. Jamie Harris reports.
  • Who goes there?A pen-and-paper badge system that records only basic information about guests on your company's premises just doesn't cut it these days. John Hinde looks at the market for visitor management systems.