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25 April 2017
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  • Wedded to a better way of workingWhen high-profile collapses in outsourcing arrangements occur, it's often speculated that the concept of outsourcing itself is to blame, writes Colin Kenton. But should the fault lie at a lack of a shared vision?
  • We can learn from pub designCan the workplace learn from pub interior design trends? A relaxing, eclectic social setting could be the next hyyge, writes Nigel Oseland.
  • The Internet of Things, FM and securityIoT security is still immature, but there are best practices that can be applied today to help protect systems, writes Richard Newell.

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April 2017 - destination or office?

April 2017 - destination or office?
If you are you now or have recently embarked on an “informal yet professional” fit-out, what have been its effects?
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  • Pursuit of happinessWell-being's rise up the corporate agenda has been rapid and compelling. But what can facilities managers really do to affect their end-users' levels of happiness, for...


  • Well = To-doIn 2015 the WELL building standard, hailed as the first in the world to focus entirely on human health and wellness, was introduced to the UK. Last month, another such standard got its UK debut. Healthy buildings are fast supplanting sustainability as the 'must-have' building certification. Martin Read reports.
  • Design for livingAs workers increasingly spend a third of the day or more in the workplace, it makes sense that wellness programmes should begin there. Promoting employee health is proving beneficial for organisations that are actively embracing it, says Nick Martindale.
  • Under pressureThe toll stress in the workplace can take on mental health has long been a taboo topic, and recent government figures for suicide rates in construction-related trades have highlighted the crisis. But, says Kevin Stanley, the FM industry is listening.
  • Working in parallel to open doorsThe client-and-provider relationship has a third dimension firms who provide product and service increasingly through total FM providers. For these companies, adapting to act in parallel with service providers can offer both systematic and collaboration benefits. Martin Read reports.