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21 October 2018
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Emotional research

Linda Hausmanis is Director of Education at BIFM
Linda Hausmanis is director of education at BIFM

2 November 2015 | Linda Hausmanis

During the past few months I have been undertaking qualitative research into the tangible as well as the intangible benefits of achieving one of BIFM’s qualifications. 

This forms part of a larger research piece that will evidence the true benefits.  

I conducted telephone interviews with a number of learners both in the UK and Ireland across the various levels of the qualifications and across various segments of society. With more than 2,500 achievers, I had a rich pool upon which to send my plea for help. 

I personally found the exercise a very humbling experience. As many of you know I was involved in the original research and development of the qualifications way back in 2008/9 and as with any research and development of a new product one never truly knows how it will be received, whether it will actually meet the intended outcome, will it be successful etc?

The interviews took me on a personal journey from the BIFM boardroom packed with employers and academics in researching what would form the BIFM qualifications to a recipient who had just experienced the euphoria of achieving a highly regarded recognised qualification. And although I did not know any of these individuals personally back in 2008/9, it was their profile that we had in mind during that research phase. 

What was universal amongst them was that there had been a paradigm shift; they were now a different person from the one who had embarked on the programme towards a qualification. 

This is what education/professional development should be about – ‘what’s different’. It is not just about an acquisition of knowledge, but it should be the catalyst for you to become an intelligent inquirer, to be confident to be able to challenge, to behave differently, to approach tasks differently, to see the world differently. But also for the world to see you differently. 

If the experience of learning towards the achievement of a qualification does not do
that, then in my opinion that qualification has failed in its objective. 

A snapshot of their experience: excited + nervous + petrified + challenged + relieved = proud + confident.

To learn more about BIFM qualifications visit www.bifm.org.uk/qualifications.
Follow Linda Hausmanis on Twitter: @BIFM_Linda.

Linda Hausmanis is director of education at BIFM