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20 October 2018
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  • Acting unethically does not make good business senseTrust and respect are at the centre of any such relationship and unethical behaviour fits nowhere. Negotiate hard by all means, but always fairly, says John Bowen. 14 October 2013
  • Returning to 'Auld Reekie'Upon returning to Edinburgh for this week's BIFM Scotland conference, John Bowen reflects on some of his professional highs and lows which have taken place in the city. 07 October 2013
  • We need long-term thinking, not short-term populismShort-term thinking and decisions only have a place where they support the long-term, claims John Bowen. 30 September 2013
  • An honest day's workConsumers have learnt to live with the fact that loyalty is not what it used to be. FM World editor Martin Read considers whether bottom-line honesty can ever truly be achievable in FM. 23 September 2013
  • Musings on the role of FMJohn Bowen reflects on the change in FM over the last 45 years, and wonders whether FM must look at the wider picture if it is go gain wider acceptance. 16 September 2013
  • Caveat Emptor as true today as when the Romans coined the phraseBuyer Beware, or Caveat Emptor as the Romans used to put it, is still very much a truism despite all of the legislation that successive governments, and the EU, have tried to impose to protect consumers, blogs John Bowen. 09 September 2013
  • Silly season is overAnother silly season is over. Facilities managers back from well-earned holidays are returning to the serious matter of supporting their organisation's business case, writes Dave Arminas. 02 September 2013
  • Facing the FM futureFM World editor Martin Read writes about the trendlines within the sector and what FMs can actually do about it. 27 August 2013
  • More on myths and panacea solutionsSoundbites, like first impressions, are dangerous. John Bowen blogs about superficial judgements in modern management. 19 August 2013
  • The tables are turning"One thing FM companies don't often think about is their brand as an employer. But it's something they can't afford to ignore as we return to a more candidate-led recruitment market." Ian Higgins of Hays FM blogs. 16 August 2013
  • A youthful outlook"I have always been an advocate of the opportunities that the FM industry can provide for young talent and how we could all do more to create those chances to get more young people involved," blogs Andrew Hulbert. 14 August 2013
  • The myth of centralised procurementThe arguments for centralising activity procurement or otherwise can be very persuasive, but so many of them are built on selective use of numbers. John Bowen blogs. 12 August 2013
  • Zero-hour contracts in FMZero-hours contracts have risen to public prominence over the last couple of weeks. They are widely used in facilities management, especially in the security industry, blogs Robert Cunliffe. 09 August 2013
  • The obscure art of decision makingI used to be indecisive, but now I'm not sure. Decision making is easy, so why do we make such a meal of it? John Bowen blogs. 05 August 2013
  • What's your business all about? Do your people know?"Those who delve into the deeper corners of my social media output will be aware that recently I have been working on developing one of my various ventures into the retail arena. So why am I taking on a project like this?" blogs John Bowen. 29 July 2013
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