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16 October 2018
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  • We are all value generatorsCharles Sanders, director of TWO, a office furniture company, proposes that FMs should be held responsible for productivity in the office. 08 January 2018
  • Should we still care about cables?Indi Sall, director at NG Bailey, discusses whether the wireless revolution has made wires redundant. 08 January 2018
  • Café counselling can help your workforceAnn Clarke, managing director at Interiors company Claremont, discusses how cafe counselling can help your workforce 08 January 2018
  • Short-termism and the property life cycleLee Haury, associate director at Place Partnership, on how facilities' portrayal as liabilities not assets can be damaging. 08 January 2018
  • A building performance planTom Cudmore, senior consultant at LCMB Building Performance, discusses how to improve the performance of buildings 09 October 2017
  • The only way is ethics continuedIn last month's Think Tank Bartlett Mitchell CEO Ian Thomas wrote that ethical behaviour isn't a question of 'marketing-friendly messages but aids the bottom line. 09 October 2017
  • Institutional greeningFinbarr Murray, FM director at East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust, discusses institutional greening in hospitals 09 October 2017
  • JFK and the janitorRoger Amos, MD of Ayer Associates Limited, discusses how innovation in facilities management can enhance facilities 09 October 2017
  • Information overloadConsultant John Bowen discusses how to make our lives easier when dealing with lots of data 09 October 2017
  • FM it's no accidentPhoenix Lavin, design and construction interface manager at Programmed FM, in New Zealand, discusses how FM is set to be the ultimate champion of disruptive innovation 09 October 2017
  • You scratch my back...Nick Fox, head of estates operations at Serco, discusses how much we rely on subcontractors, and vice versa 09 October 2017
  • The road to Net ZeroJohn Sandison, head of operations at US company Lions, discusses how developing new energy strategies is key to keeping operating costs low 09 October 2017
  • VR: rendering offices obsolete?Vishu Ramanathan, CEO of Buildout discusses whether virtual reality (VR) is rendering offices obsolete 09 October 2017
  • Signals of hope in a crisisTony boatman, co-founder of global software company Qnnect AG, discusses, signals of hope in a crisis 09 October 2017
  • Battery power charges aheadAnnabel Morris, marketing executive at Service Works Group, discusses how FMs can create a network of sensors to remotely track assets 09 October 2017
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