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18 November 2018
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9 October 2017 | Phoenix Lavin

Phoenix Lavin, design and construction interface manager at Programmed FM, in New Zealand, discusses how FM is set to be the ultimate champion of disruptive innovation 

Accidental – in general, an unplanned, unexpected, and undesigned (not purposefully caused) event that occurs suddenly and causes (1) injury or loss, (2) a decrease in value of the resources, or (3) an increase in liabilities

I recently attended an FM conference where the term accidental or chance in relation to choosing a career in FM was being used.

Almost all the speakers using these terms have had careers in architecture, economics, property management or engineering. It was as if they were apologising for leaving their field of expertise to join facilities management, an industry that does not have a clear pathway from high school to the boardroom. 

FM is set to be the ultimate champion of disruptive innovation in the workforce. While other business are disrupted via technology, FM with its multiply entry points has the distinct advantage in a future requiring flexibility.

We can poach outstanding candidates, leaders, innovators from a host of industries and take advantage of the investment other professions have had in the start of their career. In turn, their experience helps sharpens our industry needs, meaning we are not restrained by a legacy of education, history and tradition and so remain nimble in a changing world. 

Our diversity means that it is possible to move within our industry. So not only will we attract people into our profession, but they can change their focus and jobs without leaving the profession completely. This means that we can retain and gain – driving issues in the employment of millennials.

So here is why none of us are ‘accidents’. The moment we cross-referenced our skills set against an application for a position in FM, we made a choice to move to a position that allowed us to capitalise on those skills. 

Our platform to success is our previous experience and our ability to transfer those skills into a profession where no two days are the same.