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22 April 2018
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Colin Kenton
Colin Kenton is managing director FM services at KBR

9 January 2017 | Colin Kenton

Thirty years ago, organisations directly employed cleaners, security guards and handymen, only turning to contractors for specialist work.

The drive to save money saw the creation of single-service outsourcing, but this created multiple points of contact for the client and was often seen as inefficient. So the managing agent model was developed, freeing client time in procuring and managing FM services but adding another layer of cost. 

To save money, contracts were bundled together, which provided fewer points of contact and greater value. TFM was born, where all FM service delivery is outsourced to a single body. This now makes up 12 per cent of the market, but its complexity is not for everyone.

In 2010, the alliance model arrived through Mercury FM, a coalition between selected best-in-breed service partners. But it remains a niche model. 

Changing economic and political times and new ways of working alter requirements. Managing the increased level of data coming out of the Internet of Things and the need to increase the use of SMEs all challenge the market. 

The Integrator model has been developed to take on the best of the other approaches but with more flexibility. One outsourced body is responsible for offering the client a cohesive solution by integrating process, technology, reporting and performance measurement/management across all providers in the supply chain. The client can use any one of the current delivery models, but instead of the client managing what can add up to a large number of contracts, the Integrator manages the performance of all the service providers including areas they may choose to self deliver. 

This brings SMEs into the supply chain and it is already used by the Metropolitan Police, and NHS Property Services and the Department for Work and Pensions are also showing interest.


Colin Kenton is managing director FM services at KBR