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21 October 2018
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Michael Rooney of GSH Group discusses the service provider's return to the market

Michael Rooney, director of GSH Group
Michael Rooney, director of GSH Group

11 September 2017 | Herpreet Kaur Grewal

Why did GSH completely stop operating in the UK in the first place?

GSH had exponential growth opportunities in other markets that required capitalisation that could be best achieved by a measured disposal of a section of the company that offered lesser growth. To that end, a sale was agreed that allowed GSH to follow a different direction in the Asia-Pacific and US markets.

How will success in the US and Indian markets dictate how you do things differently in the UK?

The business model for delivery was realigned to the global client requirement, resulting in a lean senior management structure, greater use of technology and automation, as well as structuring centralised global functions with local components. This allowed GSH to deliver exceptional customer service on a global scale, but with a local focus; that experience and business model is what we are returning to the UK with.

How does the FM industry in the UK compare with US and Indian markets? 

The greatest difference is culture and thus expectation. Coast to coast in the US is quite different. India is also a unique operating environment. But the client base is looking for a similar trend of service supply of operating cost reduction, maximise asset utility, compliance managed, data-centric, portal managed, and live validation. 

How do you mean to relaunch the business in the UK? 

We have relaunched in the UK, with the appointment of a regional manager who is leading the business in establishing the necessary components of the business model in support functions and re-establishing our network, sales pipeline and bidding process. We are based out of the company office in Mayfair with regional development from Birmingham and Glasgow to deliver national coverage for our clients. We intend to deliver our services to an expanding client base through organic growth and development of customer relationships.

What will be the unique challenges of setting up in the UK? 

We are unique in that we are once again a start-up company here with a known brand and blue chip global brands as clients.   

UK FM has had much success over the years, which has eventually led to a more saturated marketplace. Now, leading competitors are deep in thought about how to drive their way through some financial turbulence to overcome and battle for sustainable market share.  

GSH has taken the time to focus its comeback strategy ensuring market condition understanding and therefore our data-centric, lean and focused approach will provide clients with a fresh, innovative FM model.