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23 January 2018
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Event reports

Read the latest happenings at key facilities management, property and workplace events around the UK and the world


  • Three things we learned from EFMC2015Three things we learned from EFMC2015. 05 June 2015
  • ThinkFM 2015: The value of being niceThere are four basic components to a successful customer service strategy, and they transcend both business sector and service type. 04 June 2015
  • ThinkFM 2015: For BMW, mobility is key in every senseBMW no longer sees itself as purely a car manufacturer, and at its new offices workers no longer conform to old hierarchical environments. 04 June 2015
  • ThinkFM 2015: Putting brand firstBefore embarking on its Glasgow office transformation, telecoms firm Three had to evaluate its brand and question its very purpose. 04 June 2015
  • ThinkFM 2015: A multimedia moveThe Guardian's move to ThinkFM venue Kings Place transformed the media group's ability to adapt its workplace to an ever-changing business model 04 June 2015
  • ThinkFM 2015: An ethical property revolution?Marks & Spencer's clout could make whole-life cost the primary component in judging the quality of a building - not its initial design 04 June 2015
  • ThinkFM 2015: Universal acclaimFM's contribution at Edge Hill University has provided one of the clearest examples of how FM provides a truly competitive edge. 04 June 2015
  • ThinkFM 2015: The happiness dividendFormer homicide investigator Monica Parker turned her forensic eye on the human element of FM's role in creating engaging workplaces. 04 June 2015
  • ThinkFM 2015: A working revolutionTechnology alone will not make us more productive. A shift to a culture more open to transformation is required to keep pace. 04 June 2015
  • ThinkFM 2015: Work and life in harmonyAllowing employees to work the hours they want can lead to higher productivity rates, delegates at ThinkFM heard last month. 04 June 2015
  • ThinkFM 2015: Scientifically provenThe FM team plays a vital part in maintaining and developing the facilities that enable groundbreaking scientific advancement. 04 June 2015
  • ThinkFM 2015: FM's business caseThis year's BIFM ThinkFM conference focused on FM's role as an agent for transformational change in the workplace, leading projects that change organisations' capacity to compete. 04 June 2015
  • Workplace is 'stifling talent'The workplace is acting as a barrier to innovation and talent, and FM can 'facilitate success' in an organisation, delegates heard at the Smart Working Summit yesterday. 04 June 2015
  • 'One Team' cross-border strategy wins EuroFM awardGlobal information technology service provider EMC has won a European award for its approach to real estate and facilities management (RE&F) across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 03 June 2015
  • EFMC 2015: Redesdale warns of energy complacencyLord Rupert Redesdale used the platform of yesterday's EFMC conference in Glasgow to reiterate his call for more investment in energy management professionals and a greater awareness of the work they do. 03 June 2015
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