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18 June 2018
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NG Bailey turns down the heat for Morrisons

BIFM awards 2015 innovation
Award sponsored by Skanska

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12 October 2015 | FM World team

BIFM Awards 2015 - Innovation in Technology and Systems

Helping its retailer client Morrisons to reduce annual gas and electricity bills by 16 per cent across its UK stores has won NG Bailey the BIFM Awards’ Innovation in Technology and Systems.

Solving the problem of dealing with disparate IT systems was one of several challenges overcome, meaning there was no ‘big picture’ data for NG Bailey – Morrisons’ long-standing facilities services provider – to draw upon. This made further energy savings difficult to identify, plan and implement in a coherent way. 

Morrisons – the UK‘s fourth-largest grocer – aims to drive efficiencies into all aspects of its business and has, as part of its environmental commitment and investment in renewable energy, set targets to cut carbon emissions from its 500 stores by 30 per cent by 2020. 

It was the first supermarket to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard and pioneered energy-efficient solutions such as LED lighting and refrigeration technology. But it was determined to do more.

The partnership in sustainability between NG Bailey, US company Elutions Inc, a smart asset and smart buildings company, and Morrisons is already delivering a saving of more than 16 per cent on the retailer’s annual gas and electricity bills. 

The magnitude of the savings revolves around the introduction of a complete outsourced energy management solution, entitled ‘Rare Energy’, developed and delivered by NG Bailey and software developer Elutions.

Rare Energy’s approach to combating energy costs promises to drive down use over other measures already in place (such as the installation of energy-efficient lighting and changing utility providers or contracts) – at no financial risk. If savings aren’t delivered, the client gets its money back. It was this risk-free approach that appealed to Morrisons, which signed a five-year partnership deal.

The full end-to-end outsourced energy management solution made identifying and implementing energy and carbon-saving measures easy to manage centrally; rolling it out across the estate led to savings that Morrisons couldn’t generate any other way.

“This innovative use of technology is a true example of partnership working that requires trust, commitment and follow-through,” said the BIFM judges. “This harnessing of technology takes data, turning it into knowledge that drives actions which save money, save energy and improve customer service. It’s a great example of the benefits that technology collaboration can bring to the FM sector.”