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24 October 2018
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BIFM Awards 2017: Impact on Customer Experience

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9 October 2017 | FM World team

BIFM Awards 2016 - Impact on Customer Experience

FM service provider Macro have been awarded the BIFM 2017 Award for Impact on Customer Experience for its work on transforming the guest experience on the Emirates Air Line cable car.


Standing as the first ever urban cable car in the UK, the Emirates Air Line places a unique set of challenges on Macro, with the contractor required to fulfil all of the safety and regulatory requirements imposed on any TFL transport provider while also meeting the needs of its customers using it as a tourist attraction.


As a result, the company made improving the customer service experience a strategic priority and set about developing an approach to both track and improve performance. 

Working with the existing team of staff, the company provided comprehensive training on communication skills and stressed the importance of their role in maximising the value received by guests on the cable car.

To further enhance this approach, the company created a specialist Guest Experience Team - consisting of six members of staff from an initial pool of 40 applicants. 

Charged with leading the improvement of overall customer service and provided additional training, the team has made a number of changes that have provided positive results, including an increased focus on uniforms and name badges, and playing music around the terminal to enhance the atmosphere.

The team also led the decision to change the traditional black barriers to Emirates Air Line branded red barriers.

On a technological basis, the team installed Avius feedback units at both terminals to provide live feedback from customers - drastically increasing the pool of data on which to draw conclusions on performance.

With recent scores indicating a rating of 90%-95%, the initiative to improve customer service has proved a significant success.