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19 October 2018
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WIFM 2015: Breaking through

WIFM 2015 1
The Women in FM special interest group committee, along with the conference speakers. All photos credited to ProSportsImages

Earlier this month, the BIFM’s Women in FM Special Interest Group (WIFM) hosted its third annual all-day conference in London. The event featured a range of speakers from FM professionals to English channel swimmers and Emma Parry, co-founder of charity organisation Help for Heroes. This year’s theme was ‘breaking through’ – and here are a selection of quotes from a day that set out to inspire.

29 January 2015 

WIFM 2015 2
“KPIs and a tick-box approach of contracts creates an adversarial relationship between client and supplier.” Anne Lennox-Martin, managing director, FMP 360. Her view that there are collective perceptions in group relationships struck a chord
WIFM 2015 4
“Once you achieve 'your Everest' you realise that the boundaries you saw before were created by your own mind” - Nick Alford, head of corporate health and safety, Macro
WIFM 2015 6
WIFM 2015 5
Lucy Jeynes, managing director at Larch Consulting, leads a panel debate asking what "like a girl" means.
WIFM 2015 7
The WIFM panel hear about "like a girl".
WIFM 2015 3
Deborah Rowland, head of property & asset management, UK Ministry of Justice, encourages us to go “swimming with sharks”: “Everyone should spend some time working in the Cabinet Office.”
WIFM 2015 8
Emma Parry, co-founder of Help for Heroes, shares her story.

The WIFM conference is gaining quite a reputation for inspirational oratory. With others such as channel swimmer Nick Alford and Help for Heroes’ Emma Parry telling their stories of meeting and overcoming challenges, it was perhaps Deborah Rowland who best met the ‘breaking through’ brief, explaining how tenacity and passion can overcome the problems of prejudice and the ‘old boys’ network. Also, the use of the film #Likeagirl’ by Lucy Jeynes in the panel debate confronting the issue of gender discrimination was thought-provoking. All in all, the BIFM WIFM event was an inspiring one – here’s to WIFM 2016.